The Positron!


It has a name!

What you see above is the latest revision of my proton pack / trap kit, which I will be having manufactured soon.

The biggest change is that I’ve decided to use Cat5 cable for the connection between the thrower and pack. This change was necessary because the new strobes are power hungry and it turned out the flat flex cable (FFC) couldn’t carry as much current as I wanted.  The flat flex will still be used to connect the bargraph and the powercell, but the bargraph will plug into a module with a short FFC that connects to the Cat5 inside the thrower.

I’ve already ordered this new cable, along with with the micro switches for the thrower, and lenses for the powercell, cyclotron, and slo-blo, and a heavy duty Arcoelectric power switch.   The cable and micro switches are included with the kit, but the lenses and heavy duty switch will be extra.  (I intend to offer a wire harness with quick connects to go with the switch eventually so you won’t need to solder anything. )

Here’s some photos of those:



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