Positron Thrower PCB progress

thrower-081In addition to the Pixel I’ve been hard at work on the Positron Proton Pack kit.  What you see here are the near-final designs for the boards which will go in the thrower.

Unlike the old kit, the new kit uses polarized JST connectors for the LEDs, so you can’t plug them in backwards, and they’re clearly labeled to make it easy tell which one goes where.  The color changing slo-blo LED also features a polarized ribbon connector like the one which will be used on the Powercell module for the RGB LEDs.

The strobe/switch module is packed with features.  Up to six switches can be connected (the kit comes with five, the sixth may eventually be a mode changing switch), and there are four servo-like connectors which can be used to trigger relays or to activate a super bright vent LED.  The module also contains circuitry which can directly drive a vibration motor or two, and/or provide a high current 5V source for an LED flash bulb.   And of course, there is a connector for a supr bright color changing LED strobe.

Finally, the Extension module plugs into the end of the CAT5 cable that carries power and data from the pack to the thrower, and fits neatly inside the handle of the thrower to maximize the space inside the thrower’s body in case you have a tip extension mechanism.  The module has connections for three flat flex cables to connect the two modules above and the bargraph module, and in addition it features a connector for a rotary encoder so you can place a volume control inside the thrower if you wish.  (The same connector can also be found on the Positron itself, so if you want the volume control on the pack nstead, you can do that as well.)


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