“What speakers do you recommend?”

I often get asked:

“What speakers do you recommend for your Proton Pack kit?”

For my kits,  I recommend one or two 4 ohm car speakers wired in parallel.  Each 4 ohm speaker will output 20W,  and the amplifier in my kit can deliver 40W in total.


If you use 8 ohm speakers, or wire your 4 ohm speakers in series, they will each output half the power and your volume will be halved, and you would be adding extra weight for nothing.

There is typically room in the pack under the cyclotron for a 6.5″ or 6×9″ speaker, and by the powercell there is room for a 4″ speaker.  A 5.25″ speaker may fit near the powercell however if you face it towards the motherboard, but in this case it would be wise to drill some holes or install a grille to allow the sound to escape.

Other considerations:

  • A bigger speaker = louder + more bass, but also more weight.  6×9″ speakers are MUCH heavier than 6.5″ speakers.
  • Every 3db increased sensitivity = double the volume!
  • A wide frequency response is desirable, and 2-3 way speakers for cars come with a built in tweeter or two which makes them ideal.

As for specific recommendations, I used to recommend the Pyle Blue label, as they are low in cost and are among the highest in sensitivity, but the ironically named Phantom Boss Ghost series in the same price range appear to be slightly better.

The Boss Phantom Skull are also good, and appear to be identical to the Ghost and come in a few sizes the Ghost does not, but they have red LEDs on them that are synchronized to the music. You could paint over the LEDs or cover them in tape, but the most obvious exposed wires leading to them also power the tweeter and the wires that go to the LEDs are tucked in under the tweeter and very hard to get at.

If money is no object, I might try to squeeze a 6.5″ and 5.25″ speaker in there. If money is an object, or weight is an issue a single 6.5″ speaker would be adequate, and you could sell the spare since they’re sold in pairs, or a pair of 5.25″ speakers might be a good choice.  If money and weight are no object, a 6×9″ speaker and 5.25″ speaker would be the loudest. But proton packs are heavy as it is, so a single 6×9″ speaker may be a good compromise for weight and loudness. It’s really up to you.  There is no best option!

Most in the past I believe have gone with a single 6.5″ speaker, and those that want more have been using a 6.5″ and 4″, but I’m not sure the 4″ is really worth it after installing one in my friend’s pack that I use for demos.  I didn’t drill holes in his motherboard for it though.  A properly installed 5.25″ would certainly be an improvement however!


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