Now taking pre-orders for the first run of the Positron Proton Pack Kit!

Hey guys,

The kit is now ready for manufacture and I’ve got two new demo videos for you. You’ve got around two weeks to place your order if you want to get in on the first run!  I’ll be posting a tally here as new orders come in.

Once I put in the order, it will take four to six weeks for the kits to be manufactured, then it will take around a week for them to ship.

Please share the link and videos with your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get the whole proton pack for that price?

A: No.  The Positron is a light and sound electronics kit for a proton pack, but the pack and thrower are not included!

Q: Does this kit come with switches?

A: Yes!  The kit comes with all the switches and push buttons you need, minus the power switch harness, which is sold separately.  It also comes with a potentiometer for volume control, and a vibration motor!

Q: Does the kit come with speakers or a battery?  Which speakers and battery should I use?

A: You must purchase those separately, and I don’t sell them, but I’ve made a couple blog posts explaining how to choose a battery and speakers, and which brands are the best!

Which battery should I use?

“What speakers do you recommend?”



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