Positron Proton Pack Kit


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Product Description

The best proton pack electronics kit available anywhere!

This kit includes several control modules, all the LEDs and switches you need, a 28 LED bargraph which is as close to movie accurate as you can get without spending a fortune, a color changing strobe with the same kind of high power CREE LED you’ll find in some of the world’s brightest flashlights, color changing cyclotron and slo-blo LEDs, a vibration motor, and a sturdy 7′ long CAT5 cable to connect the pack with the thrower!

Version 2.0 features the following:

  • Sound effects from the movie and video game
  • Color-changing super-bright strobe, cyclotron, and slo-blo LEDs
  • More accurate 28 LED bargraph
  • Vibration motor
  • 40W amplifier w/ volume control
  • Efficient integrated switching voltage regulator.
  • All connectors and cables modified for easier installation.
  • Music mode – Select tracks on bargraph using one button, start and stop them with another, or let the kit pick songs at random!
  • Party mode – An optional mode where the cyclotron and powercell react to the music!
  • And many other improvements!

Optional extras:

  • Super-bright grill light.  10x as bright as a standard LED!
  • Power switch + charge harness.  No soldering required!
  • An extra grille light can also be purchased to put in the N-Filter so it illuminates when venting!

(Please note: Some of the gallery images show optional extras like the super grille and power/charge harness which are not included in the base kit!)


More detailed instructions are in the works, but here are a few tips to help you get started!


When connecting the switches to the switch module, polarity doesn’t matter. You can plug them in any which way!


The ports are assigned as follows:

  1. Activate – Long lead toggle on the left side of the thrower.
  2. Capture stream  – Black button on the left side of the thrower.
  3. Grille – Short lead toggle near the top of the bargraph.
  4. Mode – Short lead toggle by the bottom of the bargraph.
  5. Blast steam – Red button on the ear at the tip of the thrower.
  6. Not used!

Flip the activate switch to power up the thrower.

With the grille switch in the off position, the thrower will be in standby mode. In standby mode, the LED to the left of the Clippard valve will blink slowly.

The mode switch controls whether you are in movie mode or video game mode. Flip it on, and the slo-blo LED will come on. The color of the slo-blo indicates which of the video game weapons is currently active. There are four to choose from:

  1. Proton thrower (red)
  2. Stasis stream (blue)
  3. Slime blower (green)
  4. Meson collider (yellow)

Flipping the mode switch off will immediately take you back into movie proton thrower mode, and if you flip it back on again, you will be in video game mode 1 once more.

Once you have selected the mode you want, flip the grille switch on, and you will now hear that weapon’s sound effects!

Party Mode

In party mode the lights on the proton pack will react to the music!

To enter party mode, hold the red button while flipping on the thrower activate switch,  then press the black button to advance to the next song, and the red button to start and stop the currently selected song.

You can enable and disable the sound reactive lights while in music mode by holding the red and black buttons, but BEWARE! The anguished stuffed bear won’t like it if you use this secret setting to disable party mode…


The LEDs should be arranged as follows:

‘Blast’ – This LED has a long lead and should be placed at the end of the thrower in the orange hat. It lights up when you fire the blast stream with the red button!

‘Grille’ – If you don’t have the optional Super Grille LED, this LED can be used in its place. It lights up when the thrower is ready to fire, and like the Super Grille, it flickers while firing for that extra bit of realism!

‘Standby’ – This LED sits inside a white hat to the left of the Clippard. It blinks slowly when the grille switch is off to indicate the thrower is in standby mode.

‘Capture’ – This LED should be placed above the Clippard in a clear 5mm lens. It blinks when firing the capture stream with the black button.

‘Overheat’ – This LED sits above the bargraph. Normally off, it blinks when the pack overheats, then remains solidly lit while venting is occurring.

‘Slo-blo’ – This RGB LED goes inside the clear 5mm lens at the base of the thrower. It illuminates when you flip the mode switch on, and changes color to indicate which video game weapon is currently selected!

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