Super Bright Grille Light



Product Description

This high-power white LED add-on for the Positron Proton Pack Kit is 10x as bright as a standard LED and can be used in both the thrower grille and the n-filter!

When placed in the n-filter it lights up when venting the pack, which enhances your smoke effects if you have installed one of Fincher & Son’s e-cig fog machines.

The Super Grille connects to Port 18 on the Extension Module.

To use the Super Grille to illuminate the N-filter while venting, connect it to port 8 or 9 on the Positron.

In the default configuration, if you want it to trigger with both quick and long venting, you should connect it to port 8. But if you have a smoke kit you will need a 1M->2F Y splitter servo cable to connect both the smoke kit and the Super Grille to a single port. If you don’t have a Y splitter, then you can connect the Super Grille to port 9. It will trigger only when long venting in this configuration however.


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