Proton Pack Kit 2.0


Hey guys!

Here’s some photos that show the progress I’m making on the next version of my Proton Pack kit!

Vibration motors:


Comparison of original strobe with a single super bright LED being driven at  120mA:11133839_10152669213726621_5254448374132589981_n

The new strobes will change colors, and feature white, blue, orange, and green leds:11062732_10152669213721621_5149396310135985067_n

Here are some photos of the new style of bargraph with 28 LEDs:11146328_10152656129486621_3612065941084634197_o

Here you can see the size of the old style versus the new.  The new style integrates all the drive circuity into the bargraph itself:11079530_10152656129461621_586269936615964051_o 11146328_10152656129416621_2530687589006773258_o 11009928_10152603839131621_1802045171858694472_o

And here you can see the first prototypes of the new bargraph module.  The white connector is for the 5mm LED that is at the end of the bargraph when used in a Trap kit.  I’ll be releasing the trap kit soon after the new proton pack kits start shipping:11200996_10152708140696621_7759151564459788369_o