Fincher Technologies Proton Pack Install

Hey guys,

I thought you’d like to see an install Fincher Technologies did of of one of my Positron Kits in a mini Proton Pack (80% scale) with one of their e-cig foggers that can be automatically triggered by the Positron when venting!

And here’s some photos of the guts of the thing:

Even with a tip extension mechanism, they still managed to squeeze all the boards in, plus the vibration motor, thanks to the Positron’s extremely compact design!
They had to chop the corners off the powercell, but they still managed to squeeze it in!
The e-cig venting system seen at the bottom right in the image is comprised of an air pump, e-cig, and computer fan, and is controlled by a relay connected to expansion port 8 on the Positron!


In order to fit the strobe on the smaller acrylic tube of the 80% scale pack, the Finchers carefully shaved down the PCB. Don’t try this at home!

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